Making the Switch to an Electric Vehicle

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Making the Switch to an Electric Vehicle

Making the Switch to an Electric Vehicle

The Joys of Driving Electric

Innovative, advanced, and intelligent. Electric vehicles, or EVs, are taking over traditional gasoline cars as more drivers switch.

When you drive an EV, you join hundreds of thousands of EV drivers enjoying their futuristic vehicles without the hassle of stopping by gas pumps to pay for expensive fuel. You also get behind a technologically savvy and stylish vehicle you can be proud of wherever you travel.

At Southside Kia Jacksonville, we offer a vast inventory of Kia EVs and hybrid models, allowing you to enjoy selecting your perfect vehicle. We also provide expert financing, maintenance and repair services, and personalized customer service you can take advantage of as our valued customer.

Come to our showrooms and explore our online catalog to find your favorite model. We’ll help you schedule your test drive when you’re ready to experience the incredible ride and technology every Kia EV or hybrid line provides.

Visit Southside Kia Jacksonville in Jacksonville, FL, and enjoy driving our electric cars today!

Benefits of Transitioning to EV

Transitioning to electric vehicles is common as more drivers discover the benefits of driving an EV. Aside from contributing to eliminating or improving air pollution through zero carbon emissions and supporting the use of renewable energy, driving an EV has many advantages.

EV owners save money on maintenance fees. EVs don’t have internal combustion engines that require moving parts inside your vehicle that can easily break or age from wear and tear. With electric power, your vehicle does not have intricate parts to consistently maintain or repair versus a traditional car.

As an EV driver, you not only save on fuel. You also have various options to charge your vehicle from thousands of strategically located public charging stations to your own home charging devices.

EVs are newer vehicles with advanced technology and engineering, allowing you to enjoy your vehicle with confidence and peace of mind. Your navigation and safety features are designed for accuracy, keeping you and your passengers safe and connected inside your car on and off the road.

Depending on your location, you may also get tax credits for driving an EV.

Things You Need to Know Before Switching

Your EV transition can be seamless if you’re well-informed before making the switch. As you prepare to transition to electric cars, doing your research is always helpful.

Choose the EV that suits your lifestyle and driving requirements by assessing its mileage, safety and tech features, comfort, capacity, performance, and towing capabilities. You should also consider its charging options to ensure you can conveniently power up to reach your destination efficiently and safely.

Additionally, consider the price of your EV and if you have options for financing, leasing, or trading in your existing vehicle to help with your payment based on your set budget.

Explore Our Premium Kia EVs and Hybrid Models

Southside Kia Jacksonville can help you find the perfect EV to meet your budget requirements and driving expectations. Choose from our wide range of new and pre-owned Kia EVs and hybrid models when you visit our showrooms or online selections.

We offer financing, leasing, trade-ins, extended warranties, and exclusive specials to help you acquire the model you want to take home and drive to various destinations. Our team is friendly, supportive, accommodating, and ready to answer your questions or provide assistance at any stage of your car-buying journey with us.

Visit Southside Kia Jacksonville in Jacksonville, FL, and join our growing Kia EV drivers today!

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