What Are Your Options After Your Lease Ends?

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What Are Your Options After Your Lease Ends?

What Are Your Options After Your Lease Ends?

End of Lease Options in Jacksonville, Florida

When your lease is coming to a close, your next step can make a big difference. Leasing allows drivers to get a new car every two or three years, with affordable monthly payments and a new car warranty. At the close of the lease, you can choose to lease a new car, buy your old one, or turn it in and walk away. The sales team at Southside Kia Jacksonville can help you make the best choice for your driving needs and financial situation.

The Leasing Process

Drivers who lease appreciate the benefits of driving a new car with affordable monthly payments. Each time you lease a new car, you can take advantage of the latest technology and fuel-efficient powertrains. You will also save money on maintenance, as new cars have maintenance programs included in the new car warranty.

When you lease a car, truck, or SUV, you have to abide by the agreement you signed. Your lease will have mileage limits, often between 10,000 and 15,000 annually. You will also have a term, which is the time that you have the car in your possession. As the lease comes to a close, Kia will contact you to help you with the process of returning your leased car.

At the close, you bring the car to the dealership for the end-of-car lease negotiations. You can buy the vehicle for the residual value, return it to select another make and model, or lease another Kia. If you have excessive wear and tear on your leased car, you might consider a lease buyout because you could receive fees for reconditioning. Because Kelley Blue Book car values have changed in the last year, many customers are buying their cars for a low purchase price, then selling them for a profit.

Deals at Southside Kia Jacksonville

If you need a vehicle to replace your leased car, truck, or SUV, we invite you to explore the great deals at Southside Kia Jacksonville near St. Augustine. We share our new car specials online, so you can browse deals that fit your driving needs and budget. Our Kia specials are for customers who want to lease or buy, and many of the best specials have credit score requirements for the best interest rates. Our sales team is ready to help you choose a new Kia – like the sporty Forte or roomy Telluride.

Explore Your End of Car Lease Options Near Neptune Beach

Southside Kia Jacksonville is the best place to find exceptional deals on Kia cars and SUVs. Our friendly sales team can help you decide whether to buy or lease your next vehicle, and our financing team is ready to build an affordable lease agreement or finance deal.

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